Premier supplier of formulation additives for the paints and coatings industry.

We offer a wide spectrum of products consisting of dispersing agents, wetting agents, defoamers, organic anti-corrosion additives, and matting agents. Our unique offerings help to enhance your formulation performance while meeting the latest environment regulations.

Industries We Empower

Our product base has a wide range of utility. You can use our solutions in applications such as:

  • Coating

    Waterproofing, Corrosion-Resistance, Chemical-Resistance

  • Automotive

    OEM and Refinishing

  • Inks

    Gravure Coating, Inkjet

  • Adhesives

    Bonding Paste for Woods, Plastics, Metals, Glass

Mission & History

Founded in 2016 in New York City, AD Technology Corporation is committed to bringing original and environmentally-friendly solutions to market. We are not a raw materials supplier, but rather an end-to-end provider, directly affecting and delivering your finished product. All of our solutions are developed in the United States of America.

  • Innovative

    Not available on the common marketplace and are specialty products

  • Versatile

    Used in radically different segments and types of markets: robotics, manufacturing, electronics, glass

  • Flexible

    Wholesale distribution or direct to customers, any quantity. From small 5-gal containers to tanks of 10-20 metric tons


Interior and exterior architectural coatings, light and heavy maintenance industrial coatings, industrial wood and flooring, water proofing and concrete coatings, leather and plastic coatings, automotive OEM and refinishing.

Performance offering:

  • Free film properties: excellent hardness with out standing flexibility, outstanding chemical resistance, early hardness development, outstanding abrasion and scuff resistance,  and excellent adhesion
  • Environmental properties: outstanding early water resistance, excellent water and humidity resistance, and very good corrosion resistance


Gravure, Flexo, Lithographic, Screening, and Digital ink.

Performance offering:

  • Appearance: outstanding optical density with brightness
  • Durability: adhesion to difference substrates, excellent rub off resistance, outstanding chemical and water resistance


Bonding paste for shoe, Pressure sensitive for tape, label, and decal, Bonding and lamination of wood, Interior automotive fitting such as headlining, dashboards or others.

Performance offering:

  • Green technology
  • Low toxicity and easy clean
  • Excellent settling
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High bonding strength

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