ADTSOL™C-AD1 is a cationic polymer that can be used as one pak crosslinker additive for waterborne polyurethane dispersion to improve chemical resistance. Addition with other polymer bases can enhance the adhesion to difference types of substrate.

Overview of ADTSOL™C-AD1 from AD Technology:
• 100% active.
• Ease of process.
• Can be used in both waterborne and solvent base formulation

GradeDescription% ActiveInstruction Recommendation DosageFeature Benefit
ADTSOL™C-AD1Cationic polymer 100Addition directly onto the polyurethane during mixing. Premix with DMEA before addition into the waterborne acrylic system 3-5% total weight of additive to polymer solids Waterborne polyurethane one pak crossliner to improve mechanical , chemical, and water resistance. It also can improve adhesion to metal substrate with other systems